Want to make a special impression? Consider sending Me something from My Amazon wish list.

It pleases Me when a submissive craves to have something of Mine close to him... something belonging to or worn by his Mistress, to help him feel connected...something that My essence clings to. Below are some of the common items requested and their tribute values.
  • Gently worn panties $45
  • Not so gently worn panties $50
  • Hard worn panties $60
  • Cuckold panties $75
  • Dress, $150 to $300
  • Commissioned photos $35
  • Stockings recently worn $30/pr
  • Pantyhose $30
  • Garter belts $35
  • Shoes/heels/tennis shoes/boots, $75 to $200
  • Gym socks, worn $20/pr
  • Pillowcase, with lipstick smudge or a bit of drool $40
  • Hand dipped lollipops (flavor: ME) $15 ea
  • Bra that has held My lovely ladies $65
  • Toothbrush $20
  • Lipstick $40
  • Whips, crops, floggers, used on the backs of slaves $125 to $300
Contact Me for any of these items. If there's anything you dont see on the list, please ask...