New Submissive/Slave Application for First Session

*** To be considered for training you are required to read My entire website, (not just look at the pictures) and complete my application for screening to the best of your ability. I make no exceptions so don’t ask.  I do not discuss session details until after you have been accepted as a client.

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Phone Number:    I will not call unless scheduled.

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*** If you don’t wish to give your personal information for background check (I’m looking for violent offenses only) but still want to book a session there is a $75 fee to have extra security at the time of the session.  This will be required at time of deposit. This fee may be waived for future sessions once trust has been established.

I know how important open and up front communication is for a satisfying session and avoiding unwelcome surprises and undue stress.  The following information helps me to plan each session with both of our interests and fetishes in mind, and within both of our boundaries.  Please answer to the best of your ability... you won’t be punished for wrong answers, there are no wrong answers...

1. Do you have any physical, medical or mental conditions (anxiety, phobias, allergies, blood pressure issues, diabetes, etc.) that I should be aware of?

2. Any back, neck, or shoulder limitations in movement? Or hip knee, wrist? Problems with kneeling? 

3.  Mark restrictions?  Which areas of your body can be marked?  How long can the marks last?

4.  How would you best describe your BDSM experience so far? 

5.  If you have had past experience tell me about your most satisfying scene and why?

6.  Have you ever had a bad or less than satisfying experience, and why?

7. How do you define yourself in the BDSM world?

8. Which best describes the feeling you crave that brought you to Me, the feeling you require to feel fulfilled in a session.  You can list more than one.

9. What interests are you most excited about exploring?  If you don’t know thats fine we can explore that together.

10. Do you have any interest in pain? 

11. On a scale of one to ten what is your perceived pain tolerance level?    Pain Level:

12.  For a first session would you feel more at ease playing in the dungeon for classic dominance scenes or in My living quarters for more domestic scenes and role play?

13.  I wear classic Domme attire for most sessions.  For role play I dress to fit the scene, mommy, neighbor, teacher, nurse, etc.  If you have any specific request they will reconsidered to suit My mood and at your expense. For instance, if you require a specific kind of outfit, shoe or boot you will give Me a budget and I will shop for the items…

14.  What are your hard limits?

15.  Tell me anything else you think would be beneficial for Me to know about you.

I provide BDSM services only…not sexual services. Any requests for sex or nudity will be met with immediate and permanent dismissal.  These are My personal limits and not just a legal disclaimer.