You've come to Me because you need to feel...

... safe to explore the side of you that you've allowed very few to know exist inside you. Or maybe no one knows, and you ache to change that with One who accepts you as you are, and nurtures you to be what you yearn to be.

You may not even be completely sure what it is that you seek, but you wish for Me to be the One to take you there.

Reading you, drawing out your passionate essence, and pushing you to explore those thoughts that have dominated you... that's My unique gift, and what excites Me most.

You've come to Me to feel... so much more than just the sting of a whip. You come to Me to find the place where your hidden desires can be realized, freed, and accepted, to unravel the mystery of why these submissive impulses are so intimately connected to your sexuality. So powerful, at times it's like an animal inside of you that's growling for the experience of truly feeling a Woman's Power over you.

You long to become vulnerable before a Powerful Domme... to become helpless. The armor you wear in your daily life will be a shield of gauze, when I stretch forth a single cat-like claw and rip the fabric of the "egg" that you think is protecting you, cutting it from your head to your feet... exposing you completely before Me.

I understand how the submissive mind works. I can take you on the journey of physical sensations and emotions that are your deepest desires. I don't have "formula sessions." My time with you will be personal and real, in My home. I'm not a cartoon character Domme, and this is not a "session factory." If you want genuine, spontaneous experiences with a real person, this is it, unscripted.

So tell Me what you need to feel, where you need to go, and why you need Me to lead you there.