I was born, raised and am proud to still live in Cleveland. It's My home, and having seen much of the world, Cleveland is where I choose to be. I live in a historic commercial building that I and My best friend have renovated over the past 16 years, in the Gordon Square Arts District. I'm excited about what's happening in My area and around the city. I hold My sessions here, and I think you'll enjoy the space.

As far as details about My personal life are concerned, they are private and will be kept that way. What's really important is how I think about My role in our interaction and in a Dominant/submissive relationship, so I'll try to give you some insight into what I enjoy and how I think. Concerning how I structure sessions - I love the element of surprise, so I'll tell you more about what works for Me mentally than actual physical activities that may occur. If you have a specific question, please ask.

My special talent is My intuition and ability to read or draw out the needs of My slave. Many are attracted to this lifestyle and wander through it without understanding the void they may be trying to fill. You'll find much more satisfaction and peace when you understand what you need, and why you need it. We'll travel that road together.

I strive to have affectionate personal relationships with all My slaves. My preference, if possible, is to grow ongoing relationships rather than one-time sessions. Our relationship, if you choose to serve Me, will be a close Mistress/slave relationship, but not dating or a romance. You must respect My boundaries.

I'm strict, but I love to laugh. If you're looking for a frowning, screaming, negative Domme, I'm not the one for you. Make no mistake, I require your obedience and won't tolerate any attempts to top from the bottom. But I don't subscribe to the caricature-type Domme persona of constantly being grim and bitchy. Be a good and obedient slave and we'll have many light moments together.

I enjoy control, and that's at the heart of how and why I have come to be a Domme. Obedience makes Me happy, and I believe it is the essence of submission. Even outside of lifestyle/kink activities, I naturally take control or emerge leading the task at hand. This has always been My personality, and I have a very hard time following rather than leading.

I enjoy both mental bondage and actual physical bondage. Making a slave be absolutely still regardless of what I'm doing is the essence of control. I tend to use cuff restraints, shackles, straps, shrink wrap, tape, and My cage more than rope. I can make you limit your movement by shear will or by physically immobilizing you, as the situation requires.

Not all submissives/slaves enjoy pain, and I fully understand that. Others have a strong craving or a masochistic tendency. I can accommodate both with great skill, from zero pain to terrifying torture, depending on your needs. I've found that most enjoy at least a small amount of erotic pain. However, if serious pain is your thing, I can certainly make you scream...

My love for the thrill I get from giving or making My slave anticipate erotic pain has several facets. The response is immediate, so similarly it gives Me immediate satisfaction of My effectiveness in moving My slave mentally and physically. It's an instantaneous way to elicit an adrenaline response, which can be easily blurred to intensify a slave's sexual excitement... that's the nature of a fetish... something non-sexual that can cause or enhance sexual experience. It excites Me to have a slave decisively demonstrate devotion and obedience by enduring pain for Me... simply because I wish it.

Forcing a slave to contain sexual excitement is also central to control. I do allow release, but only when I say. Most men have very little sexual restraint with women, and some masturbate constantly. I will allow neither, and enjoy teaching men the joys of orgasmic rationing. Instead of an orgasm just being part of "sexual maintenance," each one becomes an intense and powerful event, as was intended. Slaves are driven by both a sexual component and the desire to serve, and it's important for a slave to be happy in his role and sexuality. I will never have sex of any sort with a slave, but I do allow release by slaves on My terms when appropriate, and indeed encourage and facilitate it.

Humiliation is part of it too, but again, more for control than to cause emotional damage to the slave. Unlike many dominants, I praise and reward a slave for good service as well as berate and punish for bad service. There must be a carrot as well as a stick... although you may find the carrot in your ass. That's not such a bad thing, is it? :)

I understand that events in our past and current lives can shape our kinks and fetishes. Not all center around pain, humiliation, or a fixation on an object or body part. Many have a much closer association with a time period or stage of life, or a real-life situation that they wish to experience again. I love doing adult baby and childhood scenes as the nurturing mommy or aunt.

My purpose and feeling of accomplishment comes from freeing a slave from his own emotional barriers, which are usually based in fear. When fear of a situation becomes acceptance, the slave grows both personally and in his trust and service to Me.

Mistress Ava