Sessions - Scheduling, Deposits, and Security


This is by far the least fun and most frustrating aspect of My life so please read this section carefully and thoroughly. The easiest way to begin the scheduling process for a first session with Me is to fill out an Application for Session. The application helps Me to understand your interests and experience level so that I can better prepare a satisfying session.

Sessions should be scheduled in advance, we can rarely do last minute sessions especially for first timers, and I'm often fully booked a week or more ahead.

Our Availability:

Weekdays: I start sessions at 3:00 pm Monday through Friday. I often have subs asking Me to do earlier sessions and with advance notice I can accommodate these requests. There is an added charge of $25 per hour that I have to take off time from My vanilla job.

Weekends: If you cant come on weekdays and I again need to accommodate your schedule there is an added $25 per hour for Saturday or Sunday sessions.

Evenings: Mistress Kayla conducts evening sessions starting at 6:30 sometimes a little earlier. I sometimes do evening sessions with Her. She can do some afternoon and weekend sessions with enough prior notice to book the dungeon. Please note that sessions with Mistress Kayla include a $25 dungeon fee along with tribute.

Contact Me and we'll work out a day and time.


I require a deposit to schedule a session. Unfortunately, some subs don't show up or even show Me the respect of notifying Me of canceling without having some "skin in the game." Therefore, a deposit of $50 per scheduled hour, per Mistress (double the deposit for multiple Mistress sessions) is required. Your session is not scheduled until the deposit is received. The deposit goes toward the session tribute, not in addition to it. A lot of you are having a hard time understanding this simple math, so let Me make it very clear; Subtract the deposit from the total tribute owed and the balance is due at the time of the session. It is also ok to pay the full session in advance.

If you need to cancel before 48 hours of your scheduled session I will allow you to transfer the deposit to another session if you reschedule another session within the next few weeks. After 48 hours you lose your deposit and will have to make another if you want to reschedule. If you book a session and I find out you have an arrest record for violent offenses I will cancel the session and will not refund the were warned not to waste My time. You can easily pay the deposit via PayPal, Amazon Gift Card, or GiftRocket Gift Card.

The balance of the session tribute can be paid in cash at the beginning of the session, (this is preferable) or prepaid via PayPal, Amazon Gift Card, or GiftRocket Gift Card.

To make the deposit using PayPal:
Go to your PayPal account and choose Send Money, then choose the To Friends And Family option (no fee is assessed by PayPal using this option). Enter my email address as the ID,, enter the amount, and submit it. Then email Me at the same address and let Me know you've sent it. The name Ava Blue or email address will appear on your statement.

To make the deposit using an Amazon Gift Card (email delivery):
Purchase an Amazon Gift Card for email delivery on this Amazon page.
Fill in the form:
  • Amount: Deposits are $50 per scheduled hour, per Mistress.
  • Recipient Email:
  • Your Name: Identify yourself please... This is the only information I will get to know who sent the card.
  • Message: This is optional, but feel free to tell me a story. :)
Do the normal Amazon checkout. I will not see your payment method, or any credit card info. No fee is assessed by Amazon using this method.

To make the deposit using a GiftRocket Gift Card (email delivery):
Purchase a GiftRocket Gift Card for email delivery on this GiftRocket page.
  • Enter the Recipient Name: Mistress Ava
  • Select the Gift Amount: Deposits are $50 per scheduled hour.
  • Select "Email to recipient" (default).
  • Enter the Recipient Email Address:
  • Enter Your Name.
  • Enter Your Email Address.
  • Click "Next".
  • Enter your billing information. You may use Visa, MasterCard, or American Express.
  • Click "Place Order".
GiftRocket charges a small fee to send a gift card.

Privacy and Discretion

I do a brief background check on all new subs before giving out My location. You will need to provide Me with your name, age (not date of birth) and address in order for Me to do the check. Im concerned about violent offenses only, and all information I get is public record and the stuff anyone can get. All of this is best conveyed to Me via the Application for Session page.

I understand that we all have good reasons to shield our kinks from the outside world. This is our private indulgence and it will remain so when you are in My realm. You can be confident that your personal information and anything that happens in session will remain absolutely private.

That being said, you have to understand that you will be coming into My home, and My security and the safety of all of My Ladies, subs and slaves is of paramount importance to Me. Its a responsibility that I take very seriously, along with your privacy. Realize that I have your security as well as My own to consider. So, appreciate the precautions we take, and time and expense we go to to keep everyone safe and their identities secure.

There is one way, and one way only of circumventing disclosure of your identity and that is to pay an extra security fee of $75 (due at time of deposit) to have another person on the premises during your session. My security is invisible... ghosts... you will never see or hear them. Once a relationship and trust is established this fee will be waived, rarely does it take more than one or two sessions for this to occur.

***If you can’t comply, don’t waste My time by contacting Me. I will not deviate from this protocol for anyone, no matter how many times you assure Me, “you can trust me Mistress”... trust will be built over time. Not one rapist, kidnapper, or stalker, I’ve uncovered in a criminal background check ever wrote to me telling me “hey Mistress I’m a rapist, kidnapper, stalker...”