Mistress Kayla

I am one of Cleveland most beautiful and exotic Dominant Mistresses – I revel in the power that My body and sexuality affords Me over men who desire Me and lust after Me, but can never have Me. I enjoy using that control and twisting their desire for Me to force them to do whatever I wish....to succumb to My desires. Strict, demanding, and sensual to the extreme, sometimes playful, I love to use every part of My slaves body for My own amusement, often humiliating and inflicting pain to see how far I can push them to go – and all for the privilege of being allowed to worship Me!

Your level of experience is unimportant, whether you're an experienced submissive or a novice all I crave is your attention and respect. I will always tailor sessions to the level of experience and fantasy that you desire and are ready for, but if you are willing I will test and extend your limits as our trust grows. Seeing you undress in front of Me is merely the start of stripping away your identity –

My interests include but are not limited to, fetish, tease and denial, bondage, discipline, humiliation, role play, foot worship, CBT, and My favorite, feminization, and sissy sluts.

I book sessions through Mistress Ava and follow her protocol for deposits and security. My sessions start at $175 an hour and a deposit of $75 per hour scheduled is required. I come from a distance and have made the trip too many times for "no shows" so don't even ask Me to waive the deposit until your reliability has been established.

If you'd like a session with Me fill out the application and check the box next to My name.

I look forward to having you at My feet soon.